Site Cangkuang

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The site is in the middle settlements Cangkuang Cangkuang Village, Village Brass. Astronomically located at coordinates 6 ° 59'14 "latitude and 108 º 28'52" longitude. This location is relatively easy to reach, because they still belong in the City of Brass. However, to get to the point location of the site only two-wheeled vehicle that can reach it.
Remains of past human activity contained in this village are the remains of prehistoric megalithic tradition. Relics-the remains are in general relatively preserved and intact. The data are of sufficient importance to science and object-visit the remains of the remains are scattered in three different locations. In the first location-there are the remains of the remains of a flat stone menhirs and stone arrangements. This location is biggest than the other two locations. In this section, the remains of the remains has been diberipagar circumference. About 50 meters from the first location there is a stone mortar which is located in the courtyard houses. Lumpang stone is believed to have benefits when there are people who want a descent by way of drinking water that entered on Thursday and drink it on Friday. In all three locations around 50m there is a stone mortar from the stone mortar and other natural stones that have been fenced off as well.

Location: Kampung Cangkuang, Village Brass
Coordinates: 6 ° 59'14 "S, 108 º 28'52" E
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