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Sutan Syahrir owned house building is located at Jalan Linggajati, Linggasana Village, sub Cilimus. This building has a large yard is about 1 hectare. This page is restricted fence made of iron. At first this building serves as the Dutch ammunition, then these buildings functioned as an office while the ownership of the CPM-controlled Ministry of Education.
Building Sutan Syahrir overall berdenah rectangles. The roof of this building with a pyramid-shaped cap tiles. This building has a foundation that maif and solid and has a building height of about 4 meters. At the front there is a porch that overlooks to the east. On the left, or north of this building also terdapt porch facing north. In the west porch overlooking the north there is a warehouse for storing ammunition.
Space the front porch of this building has a high ceiling. In the upper left corner of the porch right there lion ornaments, while on top there is a stained glass decoration. Space the front porch (east) towards the space in (lobby) there is the door with his left and right side of the window there. Gratings in the doors and windows made ​​of stained glass.
In the west porch there is a room that has windows windows jealose manifold, while the eaves above the windows are made ​​of zinc. On the walls there are horizontal lines (molding). Walls of brick materials that were plastered with cement.
In the middle there is a field in curved space is decorated with stained glass at the top. Now this inner chamber wall mounted paintings Sutan Syahrir. This building has several times made ​​renovations, the last renovation in 2002 conducted by the Department of Culture and Tourism Province West Java.
Location: Jalan Linggajati, Linggasana Village, District Cilimus
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