Traditional House Hasan Maulani

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Traditional home located in Village Hasan Maulani Wage, Lengkong Village, District Garawangi. Astronomically located at coordinates 6 ° 59'22 "latitude and 108 º 30'48" longitude. This custom home is located in the middle of neighborhoods that are relatively easy dihangkau. Four-wheeled vehicles can not reach this location, just up the paved road through this village. Next followed the foot of approximately 150 m. Medium-wheeled vehicles can get to this custom home. Several buildings around the mosque traditional house is located on the northwest custom homes and boarding school in the northeast of the traditional house.
This custom home is a house once occupied by Hasan Maulani. These figures Diponegoro contemporaries around the 19th century. he came from Cirebon. He was a pivotal figure in Islamization in this area and also an anti-colonial figure. He settled in this area and spread Islam by opening a boarding school as one strategy. Dutch anti-colonial attitude that resulted in his arrest and subsequently underwent exile until he died and was buried in Manado, North Sulawesi.
His home is still maintained although its existence has been undergoing refurbishment. Restoration was undertaken reasonable given the age of the house that reaches two centuries were made from bamboo and wood materials that easily weathered. The house is a house on stilts Maulani Hasan with 16 poles. The supporting poles were originally made of wood, and has now been replaced with brick construction berspesi cement. Sized homes sekiatr 15 x 15 m, facing north. Door located on the front wall of the house. The door is not equipped with a ladder. To get out of the house upright stone artifacts at the door. The house is divided into two spaces, namely the living room in front and separated by insulating walls. Wall insulation comes with a door. Floors and walls are made of bamboo, while the roof of a house made of brick buildings. The authenticity of the house is somewhat disturbed by the addition of space. Penambhan diumaksud space in the form of permanent dilengjkapi walled building with glass windows.
In addition to residential buildings, in this location there are the remains of Hasan Maulani a dagger, wand, sandals, and the book lettered Arabic Pegon his handwriting. Book handwriting, written by Hasan Maulani in exile.

Location: Kampung Wage, Lengkong Village, District Garawangi 
Coordinates: 6 ° 59'22 "S, 108 º 30'48 E 
Directions: It can only be reached by walking about 150 m from the village of Wage 
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