Building Dwiwarna

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Dwiwarna building located adjacent to the Geology Building, is the area's historic buildings, in Jalan Diponegoro No. 59, Village Cihaurgeulis, District small hole. Geographically located at coordinates 06 ° 54'03 "latitude and 107 º 37'22" longitude. and around the building now has a lot of standing office buildings, residential, and shopping. To achieve this relatively easily by road in good condition, using a personal vehicle wheel 4 or 2 or ride public transportation (bus / public transportation) that passes through the area is relatively large.
Building Dwiwarna founded in 1940 under the supervision of Technisishon Dionstdor Stadssgemeente Bandung, and is used as a place "Indische Fondsen Pension (Pension Fund) throughout Indonesia. At the time the Japanese government in power, this building was used as a building Kempeitai, then as Rekomba Building, and the State capitol Pasundan. This building was also performed in the dissolution of the State demonstration Pasundan to return to the Republic of Indonesia. Then the Parliament Building Level I of West Java, and in 1955 by Bung Karno used as an Asia-Africa Conference Secretariat Building to-1 and the building was called the House Dwi Color. After the Asian-African Conference is finished, go back to the original function as KP3 Building (Head Office Employee Pensions). Now the Office of Personnel Administration Center Shopping (Sub Directorate Data collection All Indonesia) under the Ministry of Finance.
This building has a modern architectural style of his day, and the pyramid-shaped roof of the building in the middle of the roof there is additional. On the roof there is a cone in the middle of a lightning rod. Overall had a symmetrical pattern, routed made more backward than the surrounding buildings. Direction toward the building to the south, bounded east by the RRI building, museum building west of Geology and north to Road Surapati.
This building can be used as tourism object, because it was still in a region with ancient buildings such as the Museum of Geology and Building Dwiwarna etc., so need to set security and the days of the visit so as not to disrupt the activities of the office.

Location: Jalan Diponegoro No.. 59, Village Cihaurgeulis, District small hole 
Coordinates: 06 ° 54'03 "S, 107 º 37'22" E 
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