Cave Lalay ( Bat )

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Who does not know a tourist cave in Sukabumi with millions of bats that live in it? Location Goa Lalay close to tourist beaches Palabuhanratu this store unique range. A scientific visit ever undertaken at the site of this cave, exactly 7 November 1937, by a Dutch scientist. While Goa Lalay photo was first published in 1938 in a journal de Tropische Natuur. At that time, Palabuhanratu Wijnkoopsbaai and better known in scientific visits more time investigated the vegetation around the area. Rows of hundreds of thousands of bats who writhed, like a "cloud of life" coming out of Goa Failure, is a very interesting attraction in the evening for you see and can only be seen at around 17.00.
Location: District Palabuhanratu
Coordinates: 7 ° 1.128 'S 106 ° 32.599' E
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Facilities: mosque, parking, and toilets
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