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SUKABUMI, COMPASS - A number of items found in Megalithic Site Cengkuk, District Cikakak, Sukabumi regency, West Java. This discovery strengthens the alleged Cengkuk been a cultural center megalithic era that continued in the days of metal.
"Throughout 2008, by accident, found a number of objects in the region," said Head of Culture, Education and Culture Sukabumi Nurhayati Nung, Thursday (27/11).
Objects are discovered accidentally in 2008 among other mouthpiece, the barrel from the ground, and bowls of porcelain. Previously, on the site, in 2007 found clapper of prunggu with carved motifs india, the cup jewelry, pieces of gold statue bird legs, and pieces of the statue of Lord Shiva. They were not relics of megalithic era, which means people's lives around the site continues Cengkuk.
In the Dutch colonial era, the region was found a large stone which is thought to megalithic relic of ritual activities. The objects are scattered in an area of ​​two hectares.
The findings of the last two years, said Nur Hayati, more and more confirmation that Cengkuk been a center of culture in his day. Pipe smoking only recently discovered, for example, made ​​from raw ground hard with a big hole thumb adults. Pipe smoking has a length of 20 centimeters and is found at a depth of about 20 centimeters from the ground.
The jars were found about 60 centimeters tall, the width of the neck about 15 cm, width 60 cm middle, and bottom width of 20 cm. The whole bowl and flake colored purplish Chinese motifs and three bells prunggu patterned ukitran India show people around the site Cengkuk had already interacted with the outside community. (AHA)
(Source COMPASS, 29 November 2008)

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