Ceremony seren Taun

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Seren Taun, held every August, a ceremony peyerahan crops of rice obtained within one year to be stored in 'leuit'. The purpose of this ceremony is as an expression of gratitude, respect, and gratitude to Almighty God and Goddess Sri above yields have been obtained. On the day of execution, you will see a row of the ceremony participants who went forth together from an open field ahead leuit The Amulet. Rows that include ujungan / gebotan, interpreters rajah, carriers pare pare father and mother, collectors scattered rice, Rengkong carrier, tools overtime, and traditional arts that is toleat, dogdog lojor, jipeng, angklung gubrag, and ujungan. The ceremony started with 'ngukus' (burning incense), then 'ngadiukeun pare' (put rice into leuit) conducted by Abah Anom and Ema, assistant principal Abah and wife, and two witnesses. A ceremony is very attractive to pass up.
Location: Kampung Gede Kasepuhan Ciptagelar, Sirnaresmi Village, District Cisolok,
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