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Situ Cangkuang partially covered by a beautiful lotus flower. There is a small island in the middle there, where a temple Cangkuang located. Inside the temple there are statues of the Hindu Shiva. The name itself is taken from the tree Cangkuang Cangkuang (Pandanus Furcatus) that there are still around the area Cangkuang been built in the era of Sunda kingdom first the Kingdom of Galuh. Situ there near the tomb of relics of adherents of Islam, ie Muhammad Arif. He was one of the Mataram Kingdom soldier from Central Java are going against the Dutch in Batavia in the 17th century. The attack failed, she did not return, but he settled in the area Cangkuang to teach and spread Islam to the people disekitanya, precisely in Pulo village where his descendants lived until recently.
Landscape surrounded by Situ Cangkuang provide unique value compared with other similar places. In addition geographically widespread Situ Cangkuang have a large enough area (340.775 ha).
Cangkuang there is a chronological history of Islam is inseparable from the heritage value and turned into a tourist destination is very interesting.

Location: Village Cangkuang Leles District, Garut
Coordinates: 7 ° 6'13 "S 107 ° 55'10" E
Directions: 16 Km to the north city of Garut. To this location toward the place of District Leles tourists usually use the vehicle wagon (carriage) is unique, or could also use a personal vehicle.
Facilities: Other museums, food stalls, and souvenir, parking lot, heading the ticket, gate entrances, information services, toilets, shelters, bins, dock raft.
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