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In Cirebon District is now kept many potential centers of world-scale community effort, one of which is the business center of rattan.
Sentra rattan in Cirebon own spread in six districts. Call it in the District of Weru, especially in rural tegalwangi. Later in the District Plered, in the village Tegalsari. Others, in the District Plumbon, Sources, Depok and Palimanan. Of these districts, at least 80% of national exports rattan produced. If not excessive when the center of Cirebon rattan cane ranked as the largest center in Indonesia with total exports amounting to 47.7 tons of rattan or valued at USD 121, 66 million according to data from the Association of Industrial and craft premises furniture (Asmindo) in the year 2007 ago.
In its heyday, the center of rattan in Cirebon able to export about 3,000 containers a month. At that time, rattan Cirebon control 90% of the world market. Now, this center is only able to export about 75 to 150 containers a month. Although time experiencing the downturn in the economic crisis of 1998, due to rising raw material Barga, rattan is now back to being the mainstay of the industry sector Cirebon District. Utilization of rattan is quite likely to increase export earnings. In addition to meeting the needs of export, is currently marketing of rattan shophouses and some show room located along the road Tegalwangi Cirebon.

Location: District Weru, Pered, Plumbon, Sources, Depok, and Palimanan.
Coordinates: 6 43 '8 "S, 108 29' 54" E
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