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An interesting story you can follow while enjoying the typical rice Cirebon City. Sega jamblang Cirebon is the typical food that was originally intended for the Dutch era forced laborers who were building the road from Anyer to Panarukan Daendels by passing Cirebon regency, precisely in the Village Kasugengan. Characteristic of these foods is the use of teak leaves as a wrap rice, remember when wrapped in banana leaves less durable while with teak leaves can be long lasting and still feel fluffier. This is because teak leaves have pores that help rice quality is maintained even if stored for a long time. Uniquely, it would be delicious eaten traditionally with 'spoon finger' and the base of rice and side pauknya keep using teak leaves.

Here you can choose from a selection of tempting you. Menus are available, among others, sambal goreng (somewhat sweet), tofu vegetables, lung (anthill), liver or meat stews, cakes, satay potatoes, scrambled eggs / fried eggs, fried eggs cooked chili, stew fish, salted fish, tofu and tempeh, and do not miss 'blakutak', a type of cooked squid with ink.
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