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In the traditional life of the people of Cirebon, art masks are usually closely associated with traditional performance art (the skin). At every celebration, marriage, circumcision, memitu (mitoni), puput navel, gusaran and khaul / kaulan and so on, mask performances are always side by side with the puppet show. Mask during the day and night puppet show. Linkages between the mask and puppet traditions have a reason, that everyone who wants to be a good puppeteer must also have master mask dances to the play / dance puppet ¬-wayangnya looks steady.
Among cultivators Cirebon mask there is an assumption that the mask was created by Nurkalam or Sunan Stage of Demak. Another assumption states that the mask is the creation of Sunan Kalijaga. In this show there are still old beliefs embodied in the form of offerings and burning incense.
Cirebon mask performances, no matter where they are, have the order of presentation are generally the same and could serve as the main feature. The order of presentation are: 1) Panji Mask, 2) Mask Pamindo / Samba; 3) Mask Rumyang; 4) Tumenggung / duke, followed by a dance Tumenggung War vs. Jinggaanom; and 5) Mask Klana / Rowana. Except in Panji Mask, mask any appearance interspersed always bodoran (joke). ¬ dance character dancing character most associated with the woman, for example, Panji Mask subtle character; Mask Pamindo / Samba character ganjen (agile, ladak); Mask character Rumyang ganjen (Iincah, ladak) but not agile as Pamindo Mask: Mask Tumenggung / duke gallant character; and Mask Klana / Rowana rugged manly character.
Judging from the patterns of traditional performances and based on the motivation of people penanggapnya, there are three kinds of patterns show, the performances mask celebration / dinaan; mask in communal ceremonies (visitors, Ngarot, Alms Earth, Mapag Sri and others); and mask bebarang ( ngamen).
Location: District of Sejong, Slangit, Gegesik and Kreo.
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