Genjring Rudat

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Initially developed only Arts Rudat pesantren, but then the breath of Islamic art is developed also in the general population.
According to Enoch Atmabrata, Rudat dance is a dance accompanied by music in which the elements of dance flying in thick with the nuances of its many religions, martial arts, and sound art.
The emergence of art Rudat started growing spirit of community in its efforts to struggle against the invaders, led by a prince of the Sultanate of Cirebon Kanoman. Together heads of boarding schools he compiled a strength by teaching martial arts to the students. The activity was then disguised by forming shaped dance movements. The instrument used in the show is a device Genjring Rudat, trebang and drum. So in the dance Rudat, you'll see a mix of motion martial arts, devotions and prayer movement, then accompanied by chant of praise that glorifies God and His Messenger asthma - an experience which may be different from what you see and experience daily.
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