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Whether you just want to watch, or you dare to take part in performances typical of Cirebon on this one? Sintren dance is a mystical / magical sourced from the love story between Sulasih and Raden Sulandono. Sulandono is the son of Ki Baurekso his marriage to Goddess Rantamsari results. Raden Sulandono Sulasih making love with a princess from the village Kalisalak, but the affair did not get the blessing of Ki Baurekso, last R. Sulandono go meditate and Sulasih chose to become a dancer. However a meeting between the two continues through the spirit realm. The meeting was arranged by the mother Sulandono, Goddess Rantamsari by entering into the fairy spirit Sulasih body. During that time, was Sulandono being imprisoned spirits called his mother to meet Sulasih and there was a meeting between Sulasih and Sulandono.
As per tradition, Sintren played a girl who is still sacred, assisted by the handler and accompanied gendin. The dancers will enter the spirit of an angel, so the dancers would dance in a trance state (trance). Appropriate development of dance as an entertainment culture Sintren the art comes with a companion and bador dancers (comedy).
Sintren staging begins with a girl who danced with modest clothing (usually in the white shirt) was accompanied by two ladies. Then sing-song was ditembangkan. A mastermind Sintren then bind with ropes all over his body while reading a special mantra. Then Sintren going to pass out and in the unbound state, he was put in confinement chicken (covered with cloth outside it) accompanied by readings spells the mastermind and song-song.
A moment later the cage was opened and suddenly Sintren is already wearing clothes typical Sintren dancer complete with sunglasses. Sintren in a trance state will continue to dance, even he could dance on chicken cages made of bamboo. During this dance the audience is allowed to dance together and give him money Sintren saweran. The dance ends when the puppeteers make the girl was unconscious, and put it back into the cage. When opened, the girl is back dressed as before and the conditions attached on his body just like in the beginning he put in a cage.
Art Sintren is now a rare performances even in areas Sintren own birth. Therefore, anyone who watched Sintrena including you will make it an unforgettable experience.
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