Genjring Acrobat

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Take your time and enjoy one of the distinctive art of this Cirebon. Genjring Acrobat is a combination of art with art Genjring ketiping Debus. At first, this art is a medium to spread the teachings of Islam.
Syairan shalawat become major themes in Rampak sung to the accompaniment of tambourines wasp without a dance in this art. By locals, these wasps are called Genjring tambourine. This may be intended to approximate the sound of a tambourine-like sound "jring", people say "genjringan" - an interesting fact. As with other Islamic art, this art is to use the basis of the book Al-Pledge, containing praise of the Prophet Muhammad.
You will be entertained by the music emanating from the instrument Genjring, dogdog, and gongs. It also displayed the dances and acrobatic stunt and are loaded with elements of magic and entertainment for the complete entertainment package as a whole.
Basically, art is featured attraction is dominated by female players. One of the uniqueness of this game is the stunt players were not equipped with safety equipment - enough to make your heart beat thumping when watching it.
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