Wayang Babad

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Puppet show is a unique breakthrough Chronicle of a famous puppeteer skin origin Cangkring Village, Cirebon Regency, Askadi Sastrasuganda dubbed mammary titin. Wayang Babad akana tells the story of your separation from the Kingdom of Kingdom of Cirebon Pajajaran marked by great umbrella penancapan in Pakungwati (Kasepuhan), in other words the story of the founding of the Kingdom of the Islamic affirmation of Cirebon.
Wayang Babad Askadi as art is meant to restore the puppets as valuable propaganda medium as do the trustees of his time. To return the puppet as a means of da'wah to society, wearing a costume nayaga students, and sinden wearing a headscarf. The show was inserted un-Islamic poetry such as salawat and prayer.
Waditra used are gamelan salendro and pelog, Genjring students / rebanan, solawatan, as well as songs kemandu play.
Location: Village Cangkring Cirebon District
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