Wayang Wong

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If you are familiar with the enthusiasts of puppets and shadow puppets or wayang terms of people, the collection will grow with your interests Wayang Wong. In Indonesian, 'wong' means the puppet people. This show is a puppet show, but played by people. Wayang Wong is a traditional theater form which originated from the Wayang Kulit and performed in a different form, which is played by people, complete with dances and songs, such as traditional theater in general. The birth of the Puppet People can be expected from the desire of the artists for the purpose of developing a form of Wayang Kulit form that can be played by people.

Wayang Wong Cirebon generally different from the wayang wong, which functions as the mastermind is still very dominant narrator says at the same time be able to mimic the play is performed. Dalang assisted by penjantu or stage manager, whose function is critical in regulating the entry and exit of actors or players.
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