Lake Patengang

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Located at an altitude of 1600 m asl at the foot of Mount Patuha, Situ is a natural lake with a stunning panorama of nature and can be used for recreation. You can enjoy boating while covering an area of ​​150 ha expanse of lake with an island in the middle and background hills. Add the local cool (17-23 ° C) - to make your experience more refreshing.
Another uniqueness Situ Patengang which opened as a park since 1981 This is the classic legend of the royal past. He was the prince's nephew, King Siliwangi, Ki Santang, and a beautiful daughter of the mountain, Rengganis Goddess, who fell in love. But they do not love the journey as smooth and beautiful as envisioned by both because it is separated by circumstances. That said, the tears flowing from keduanyalah that make up this lake, so called 'Patenggang' taken from the word-teangan pateangan (Sundanese for each search). In the end, they can be reassembled in a local stone called the Stone of Love. It is said that anyone who've been with her partner to this stone, then their love will be eternal.
No less interesting is the condition of the road to Situ offering stretch of forest and green tea plantations, and vegetable gardens and strawberry local specialties that you can pick your own.

Address: Village patengan, Rancabali district, Bandung regency
Coordinates: 07 º 09,815 'S, 107 º 21,476' E
Directions 50 km south of the capital of Bandung Regency
Facilities: boat, food and souvenir stalls, toilets
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