Cipatujah Beach

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Cipatujah beach, with an area of ​​115 ha, is a rocky coast that is rich in coral-reef fish to spawn and breed. This beach is the widest and longest beach in the South Coast region, as well as offering a very good iron sand for sunbathing and other beach recreation do aktivitasi.
Coast beauty seen from the fusion Cipatujah a sloping stretch of beach, great ocean waves, lush coconut plantations, as well as a wide expanse of grass. The buffalo ranchers who live near the coast often herding buffalo in this field and make occasional buffalo racing attractions accompanied by martial wasps, Rampak drums, plus a lot angklung invite people to watch it. A local cultural performances are certainly interesting to watch.
Many of the usual beach activities undertaken by tourists when visiting this area, such as swimming, beach volleyball, sunbathing, and fishing in the estuary of the river Cipatujah. Come and enjoy the beauty of the Coast Cipatujah now.

Location: Village Cipatujah, District Cipatujah
Coordinates: 7 ° 44.859 'S 108 ° 0.634' E
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Directions: approximately 74 miles south of downtown Tasikmalaya
Facilities: tourist kiosks, inn, tourist huts, stalls of food and beverage, entertainment stage, Balawista, gazebo, and parking lots
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