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Calung is a Sundanese musical instrument which is the prototype (prototype) of angklung. Unlike the Angklung played by shaken, how to beat calung is mepukul rod (wilahan, blades) of the joints (bamboo tube) that is composed by titi barrel (scales) pentatonic (da-mi-na-ti-la) . This type of bamboo for the manufacture of most of awi wulung calung (black bamboo), but some are made from awi temen (white bamboo).

Calung sense other than as a musical instrument is also attached as performance art. There are two forms of Sundanese calung known, namely calung calung rantay and portable.

Calung Rantay

Calung rantay dideretkan bar tube with leather strap hibiscus (lulub) from largest to smallest, in number 7 wilahan (7 bamboo) or more. The composition of the tools there is one row and there are also two rows (calung ovaries and calung child / calung rincik). How to play calung rantay hit with two hands while sitting bersilah, usually calung is tied to a tree or a cubicle house (calung rantay Banjaran-Bandung), have also made shelf "holder" of a special bamboo / wood, for example calung tarawangsa in Cibalong and Cipatujah , Tasikmalaya, calung rantay in Banjaran and Kanekes / Bedouin.

Calung Jinjing

The rows of bamboo-shaped tote calung pitched a united it with a small bamboo (paniir). Calung tote consists of four or five pieces, such as calung kingking (consisting of 12 bamboo tubes), calung panepas (5 / 3 and 2 bamboo tubes), calung jongjrong (5 / 3 and 2 bamboo tubes), and calung bark (2 tubes bamboo). Calung completeness in its development, today there are only using calung kingking one, two and calung panempas barking one, without using calung jongjrong How to play it struck with the right hand using the paddle, and the left hand carrying / holding the instrument. Meanwhile, among other techniques dimelodi menabuhnya, dikeleter, dikemprang, dikempyung, diraeh, dirincik, dirangkep (diracek), salancar, Corkscrew and solorok.

Calung portable use in regular performances bertangga Salendro tone (tone bertangga Pelog) and Madenda (nyorog). Waditra calung tote is the development of form calung Chain / calung Gambang, calung in this form is already a performance art that is entertainment.

Calung tote from calung rantay basic form has been made in four separate sections wadrita form, the four separate pieces wadrita played by four players and portable by each holding calung in different functions. Wadrita calung consists of 1. Kingking, 2. Panepas, 3. jongjong, 4. bark, while the number fifteen Calung Kingking tone / octave in the tone of the smallest (highest)

Calung Panepas number five pieces for five tones (1 octave) pitch is the lowest tone connection calung kingking and of these there are five tones which are divided into two one slit (united jongjong panepas different as only a lower tone than panepas) tone panepas its shape is always high divided into two pieces for three consecutive tones of high, two-tone pieces for two advanced

Calung calung bark is the greatest number is only two tube that incorporated both in low tones among the whole calung. Calung types are now grown and known is calung tote.

Calung so rapid development of the arts in West Java, to the addition of several musical instruments in calung, for example kosrek, DAMAS, piul (violin) and some even complete with keyboard and guitar. Packaging calung laptop with the show inspired by the shape of the game on reog show that blends elements of percussion, movement and song combined.

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