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Jaipongan is a genre of dance that was born from the creativity of an artist from Bandung, Gugum Gumbira. Attention to folk art, one of which is Tap Tilu know and know well make it perbendaharan dance movement patterns that exist in the tradition Kliningan / Bajidoran or Tap Tilu. The emergence of dance works Gugum Gumbira initially called Tap Tilu development, that is because it is a basic dance from Tap Tilu development. Work Jaipongan first began to be known by the public is dance "Leaves Pulus Keser Bojong" and "Rendeng Bojong" both of which are types of dance girls and dance in pairs (boys and girls). From the dance that emerged a few names that are reliable Jaipongan dancers like Tati Saleh, Yeti Mamat, Eli Somali, and Pepen Dedi Kurniadi ..
Further development of dance Jaipongan occurred in 1980-1990's, when Gugum Gumbira create another dance such as Toka-toka, Setra Sari, Sonteng, Pencug, and others. Today the dance Jaipongan be called as one of identity keseniaan West Java, this is apparent on several important events relating to visitors from foreign countries who came to West Java. Similarly, with art missions to foreign countries. Dance Jaipongan affect many other crafts in the community of West Java, both on the art of wayang, gamelan, Genjring / Terbangan, Kacapi jaipong, and almost all public performances.
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