Reog Sunda

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Reog Sunda is a blend of music, dance and social criticism without any element of magic. Arts reog use dogdog (drum), which sounded, accompanied by a funny dance and comedy by the players. Usually delivered with messages of social and religious. Arts reog played by four persons, namely a puppeteer who controls the game, his deputy and supplemented by two more as a maid. Dalang play measured 20 cm dogdog called dogdog Tilingtingtit. His deputy held dogdog measuring 25 cm, called Panempas, the third player to use the size of 30-35 cm dogdog called Bangbrang and the fourth player to hold dogdog size of 45 cm, called Badublag.
Old game ranges from one to one and a half hours. For the songs there are also drummers waditra with equipment such as two saron, drums, fiddle, goong, xylophone etc. that serves as accompaniment for his songs as a distraction or a complement.
Reog reog now is different from the ancient times. In Reog result of the development of musical instruments used are usually less well plus a musical instrument keyboard and guitar.
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