Ronggeng Gunung

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Ronggeng Mountain is a traditional art form with the appearance of one or more dancers. Usually equipped with gamelan accompaniment and singing or kawih, the main dancer was a woman who comes with a shawl. In addition to the completeness of the dance, shawl can also be used to "hook" your opponent (usually men) to dance together in a way draping his neck.
Progress Ronggeng Mount in the period 1904 to 1945 many shifting values ​​in the presentation, for example, in a manner that respects the original pressed his hand on his chest changed the way handshake. Because not in accordance with the customs, the arts in 1948 prohibited the Mountain Ronggeng demonstrated to the public. New in 1950, Mount Ronggeng arts revived with several updates, both in dance and in organized so that the possibility of negative things can be avoided.
To prevent negative views against this type of dance that is almost extinct these applied rules that prohibit dancers and pengibing make contact (touch) directly. Some of the scenes that can lead to negative actions such as kissing or holding a dancer, banned altogether. This rule is a way to eliminate the views and opinion of society that ronggeng synonymous with women who love to seduce men.

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