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Enjoy the art show Bangreng during your visit in Sumedang. This dance is a development of the arts "Fly" and "Ronggeng", which uses a Fly (a kind of tambourine but tripled the size of the instrument tambourine). Art is played by five players and two drummers drums big and small sizes. While the interpreter kawih Ronggeng concurrently tilu female dancers in tap dance and singing with dance in the service of men who confront
Fly art first appeared in the spread of Islam by Wangsa Kusumah, which serve as a medium of art Fly dawah. Sedangkan Ronggeng is the designation for the dancer and singer or called Nyi Ronggeng anyway. Since the designation "Nyi", then ronggeng played by a woman.
According to art experts (artists), art Bangreng is usually performed on special occasions such as entertainment and special events ruatan home, setting up new buildings, and other shower-shower.
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