Peacock dance

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Follow background Peacock Dance is very famous. Peacock Dance is a dance created new creation by a choreographer named Raden Tjetjep Somantri in the 1950s, and in 1965 created new choreography by Dra. Irawati Durban Arjon and revised again in 1985 and taught to Romanita Santoso in 1993.
Tari Merak actually describes the behavior of a male peacock tail feathers that have the beauty of so many people who incorrectly predicted that the dance is about the behavior peahen. Like other birds, peacock males will compete to show the beauty of the peacock's tail to attract females. Peacock male transvestite will pitch proudly displaying the beauty of the long tail feathers and colorful to look for a partner, with an elegant and charming style. This behavior is visualized peacock peacock dances depicting the joy and elegance of motion. Enchantment tail feathers are colorful implemented in a beautiful costume with wings all adorned with sequins, and headwear (crown) which is called "siger" decorated with a peacock-shaped head that will sway to the movements of the dancer's head.
The dance itself is much danced in several events, both nationally and internationally such as the introduction of foreign cultures. Even the Peacock Dance dance was presented as an offering and a wedding reception.
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