Longser Show

11-08-2011 Bandung City 27237 viewed


Watch Longser, one type of theater folk who live in tatar Sunda Priangan. As theater folk, Longsér staged in the middle of the audience, whether held in the square, terminals, stations, or even by the roadside.
Tracing the history Longsér, you will hear a bang Tilil (real name Akil), known as the figure Longsér. In the period 1920-1960, Longsér Bang Tilil reached its peak. A Longsér performances are usually equipped with Nayaga (drummer of music), player, Bodor (comedian), and Ronggeng (dancer cum singer). Waditranya almost similar to the gamelan barreled Salendro.
Clothing worn by dancers simple but striking in terms of color, mainly used by Ronggeng (a kebaya and batik side for women and for men to wear with pants sontog shucks and headband). During its development, Longser packaged into a form of modern Longser using a script.
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