Papandayan Mountain

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Extent of area as a whole object is 7132 ha, consisting of a Nature Reserve with an area of ​​6807 ha and 225 ha Natural Park. The object manager is BKSDA Jabar II. While the status of his land controlled by the Ministry of Forestry.
The type of this mountain is a type of volcano has a height of 2622 m above sea level. On the mountain there are many craters Papandayan active, of which there are four craters that erupted in 2002. Topography of Mount Papandayan located at an altitude 2170 m above sea level with the general configuration mountainous land, hills, plains and valleys.
The attraction of Mount Papandayan the main form of the crater, panoramic, mountain and camp, all of this is in the area of ​​Natural Park. The attraction there is the potential of forests in the Nature Reserve (CA) that are specific to the research and education. In addition there is a plantation outside of the region's tea gardens PTPNVIII Sedep, Bandung.
The main activity of which can be done that is trekking, hiking, photography and forest recreation that all this can be done in the TWA. While the activity is research supporting fauna and flora in CA as well as for picnics and camping can be done at the TWA.
TWA has a dominant flora of Hiur, Puspa, Post Hura, Saninten, Jamaju, Sega, Suwagi and Kiteke whereas the dominant fauna of wild boar, panthers, leopards and birds. The dominant flora is dominant while for the fauna are wild boar, birds, panthers and leopards. Rare flora in the Nature Reserve is Saninten and fauna for deer, eagles Java, Javan and Javan. Animal and plant conservation activities carried out in the Nature Reserve.

Location: Desa Jaya and Desa Keramat Sirna Wangi, Cisurupan district, Garut Regency
Coordinates: 7 18 '25 "S, 107 42' 51" E
Directions: From region to the Capital District Cisurupan within 9 km from the capital city of Garut Regency is 24 km from the capital city of Province within 84 km, from Airport Husen Sastranegara within 84 miles, from Port Santolo (Pameungpeuk) 80 km, from the bus station / public transport within 24 Thunder, from the railway station within 64 km Cibatu. This type of public transportation in the form of tourist buses, there is a special city hired transport, transport pick up from the crater and OJEG Cisurupan by the same route. Rates are valid from Cisurupan to TWA for OJEG Rp. 6000, - per person and Rp traditional transportation. 3000, - per person.
Facilities: 10 pieces of food and drink stalls, souvenir shops, parking for buses and cars, public toilets, shelters, Earth (Salada Cottage & Camp David), a bonfire and parade ground, Interpretation center, ticket counter, the gatehouse wana
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