Reog Sunda

11-08-2011 Bandung City 27226 viewed


Enjoy a typical dish Bandung, Reog. This art is liked by people, especially in rural and small urban communities, because it contains elements of entertainment and attraction rhythm of drums.
Listen dogdog / drums are sounded, accompanied by a hilarious dance and comedy by the players. Usually the messages conveyed through social and religious. Arts Reog played by four people, which is a puppeteer who controls the game, his deputy, and supplemented by two others as servants. Mastermind played measuring 20 cm dogdog called dogdog Tilingtingtit. Representatives held a 25-cm dogdog called Panempas, the third player to use the size of 30-35 cm dogdog called Bangbrang and the fourth player to hold the size of 45 cm dogdog called Badublag. In the play, there is now additional musical instruments such as keyboards and guitars, with old game ranged from one to one and a half hours.
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