Sundanese Wedding Ceremony

11-08-2011 Bandung City 26155 viewed


Follow the process of Sundanese traditional wedding ceremony in the city of Bandung. Chronologically traditional wedding ceremony can be ordered from before the ceremony and after the ceremony. At the ceremony before the marriage ceremony there is usually a ceremony nanyaan, neundeun way, ngalamar, Seserahan and ngeuyeuk seureuh. Principal in a traditional wedding ceremony is a consent-granted or the marriage ceremony. After the ceremony continued with Sungkeman ceremony the bride and groom to their parents, followed by the ceremony groom Sawer, nincak endog, open doors, huap environment and safe for the ceremony The bride and groom. The series of traditional wedding ceremonies are aimed at making the bride and groom got a gift from Allah and obtaining happiness and unseen in the run home life. A cultural experience that will enrich your horizons will Sundanese tradition.
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