Telaga Warna

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Park offers unique scenery and unique, natural phenomenon which is full of mystery and mystique.
Natural mountain peak is cool and misty, with a panoramic view of hills and cliffs as well as tea plantation that lies along the entrance to the site of the lake, creating a natural charm that you can rarely find anywhere else. In addition, the nuances of its own mystical formed by the surrounding community, about two ancient fish that lived in the lake and if anyone was able to see the fish swimming and jumping onto the surface of the lake, then all ideals will be achieved and fulfilled. Many activities can be done in this area like photo hunting, bird watching, tracking, and camping.

Coordinates: 6 42 '2 "S, 106 59' 41" E
Directions: 80 miles or 1 ½ hours from Jakarta via Cisarua; 1 ¾ hours from Bandung, and from the Peak Pass through the walkway to the gate area to walk about 10 minutes.
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