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In Karawang and Subang area, developing an art show called Bajidor Jaipongan, who joked of acronyms associated Barisan Jelema Doraka which means 'rows of a sinner'. But the real meaning of this acronym is a group of spectators or fans that helped enliven the atmosphere together and want to participate in the entertainment jaipongan. They consist of various layers of society who have different backgrounds, such as farmers, vegetable dealers, traders, artisans OJEG, subdistrict, village heads, teachers and so on.
Pay attention to the role of team members this show, ranging from "Jabanan" or "Pamasak" the habit of giving money after dancing. For Sinden and Panjak and the Wiyaga (gamelan), the arrival of the Bajidor the deep pockets it is very profitable. Even in areas Karawang and Subang there Sinden who can only get money from the jabanan about hundreds of thousands of dollars for one night.
At the show in the area Jaipongan Subang, Karawang and Bekasi, the presence Sinden plays an important role for the continuity of the show. Therefore in addition to singing and dancing Sinden has a very strong network with the Bajidor. It is precisely the presence of Bajidor that graced the show arena Jaipongan atmosphere. Through Bajidor, Sinden will make money, and the musicians, including drummers drum gets his share of each. Do you want to share a little with the sinden this?
Location: all areas of Falkirk District
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