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Banjet or sometimes also called Mask Falkirk is a kind of performance art Longser that live and thrive in the area of ​​Karawang and Subang. In the development Banjet changes, such as Banjet Margaluyu equipped with instruments: Gambang, Kolenang, Saron 2 pieces, as well as Goong Hanging panerus, which was originally only waditra-waditra incorporated in Tap Tilu.

In general, the play is performed is the Jantuk wearing a half mask as Semar Wayang Mask Mask.

Other songs are sung also include: "Balo-balo", "Enjot-enjotan", "Kang Haji", "Kite", "Oncom Catfish" and "Sarkawi". The dancers are showing a lot of the erotic gyrations, rocking shoulders, barely visible head motion, the motion of the hands and feet is very simple.

Dancers typically wear a mask and development, in the head adorned with flowers, swaying and sparkly. On the left-right-shoulder look Toka Toka, shirt short hand (carriage) and wearing a belt (pending), from the navel down descry biodegradable fabric (ampreng).

Bodor made ​​up of two people, first out of a conversation bodor itself invites the audience laugh, then a second appeared. When deep in conversation comes a Ronggeng, then fought over by both bodor it.

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