Genjring Bonyok

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Name of art on this one, Genjring Bonyok, derived from the word Genjring and Bonyok. Genjring is waditra skinned wearing a kind of earrings are made of iron or bronze to decorate like a tambourine. While Bonyok is the name of the area in the Village Pangsor, Pagaden district, Subang regency. When combined, the arts Genjring Genjring Bonyok means that beginning from Bonyok area. This art is one type of art of traditional music (gamelan) that the instrument consists of Genjring, Bedug, Kecrek, Tarompet and Goong.
In its presentation, you will see that art is not only performed in the form helaran (procession) but also performed on stage. Performing on stage is usually carried out at entertainment events, both entertainment celebration, commemoration days of big, and entertainment attractions. Helaran performances usually at the child's circumcision procession around the village together with the arts Sisingaan. An interesting show to watch.
Location: Village Pangsor, District Pagaden
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