Tarling Cirebon District

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Tarling is an art typical of the northeast coastal region of West Java (Jatibarang, Indramayu-Cirebon and surrounding areas). This art form is basically a musical performance, but is accompanied by a short drama. The name "Tarling" is taken from the abbreviation of two dominant musical instruments: guitar and flute akuistik. In addition to these two instruments, there are also a number of percussion, saron, kempul, and gongs.
Early development Tarling unclear. However, in the 1950's similar to music has been broadcast by RRI Tarling Cirebon in the show "Rhythm City Shrimp", and make it popular. In the 1960s the show was called "Tarling" and began to enter the elements of drama.
Since the widespread popularity of dangdut in the 1980's, art tarling pressed. This forced the artists Tarling dangdut incorporate elements in their performances, and the results of this mixing-dubbed Tarling dangdut (or tarlingdut). Furthermore, due to the demands of its customers own, Tarling songs mixed with electronic music devices so that these groups formed a single organ tarling organs.

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