Mount Gede Pangrango

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Come and enjoy the natural beauty Pangrango Gunung Gede National Park, one of the five oldest national parks in Indonesia and designated as a World Heritage Site. With a peak elevation of approximately 3019 m above sea level, covering an area of ​​15,196 ha area covers three districts, namely Bogor, Cianjur and Sukabumi. This national park is also the wettest forest area in West Java due to the high rainfall annually. Here you will see around 250 species of plants, as well as various kinds of rare animals such as birds Java Eagle (Spizaetus bartelsi), four species of primates, and several species of mammals and reptiles. Many tourist attractions that can be done in this area, such as hiking, climbing, camping and watching the beauty of nature or natural phenomena that exist such as Blue Lake, waterfalls, hot springs, crater of Mount Gede, and square Suryakencana.

Location: District Pacet
Coordinates: 6 46 '20 "S, 106 56' 47" E
Directions: 17 km from the city of Cianjur, 103 km from Jakarta City
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