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Named quite a unique type of art was originally done as part of a ceremony in tackling Pageblug Ruwatan (epidemic), occupying a new home, and so forth. However, today's show is more widely used in Burokan enliven a circumcision or wedding feast.
Bengberokan a cover made ​​of wood. The shape is similar to a crocodile. You will get unmasked a red color with large eyes that light up, the mouth can be moved (open-closed) so as to produce the sound of "plaque-clap". His body is made of old rice sacks sewn together in such a way so as to cover the players, and impressive body of an animal that big and hairy (added fibers and bits of mine), then jointed wood made ​​like tails with the color red brindle and white, tapered so that the tip swordfish-like tail.
Learn the meaning can be inferred from this Berokan performances. First, the mystical meaning which serves as a medium repellent reinforcements are to be beginning Berokan function. Second, the meaning of syncretism because Berokan used as a medium of propaganda in the early spread of the symbols of Islam in Cirebon area. Third, because the meaning of theatrical action Berokan dancing, chasing, and play their head and mingle with the spontaneity of the audience who feel fear and joy. Fourth, universal meaning, because Berokan has similarities with the shape and Chilin Barongsay of China, the dragon creatures of Ancient Europe. What a show that contains a lot of values ​​and symbols.
Location: All Cirebon District
Opening Hours:
More Information: Mama Taham, Sliyeg Village, District Tambi, Indramayu

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