Angklung Badeng

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Badeng is a type of art that emphasizes the angklung musical terms as a primary instrument. Sanding Badeng contained in the Village, District Malangbong, Garut. It used to serve as entertainment for the sake of Islam. But the community allegedly Badeng has been used since the time of the pre-Islamic for events associated with rice cultivation rituals.
As an art for propaganda Badeng trusted evolved since Islam spread in this area around the 16th century or 17th. At that time the population Sanding, Arpaen and Nursaen, studying the Islamic religion to the kingdom of Demak. After returning from Demak they preach to spread the religion of Islam. One of the tools it uses to spread Islam is the art Badeng.
Angklung is used as much as nine pieces, which is 2 angklung Roel, an angklung intelligence, 4 angklung angklung ovaries and father, two children angklung; 2 pieces dogdog, 2buah fly or gembyung, as well as a kecrek. The text uses Sundanese language mixed with Arabic. In development now used also the Indonesian language. Contains the text content of Islamic values ​​and good advice, as well as according to the purposes of the event. In addition to presenting performances of songs, also presented magic attractions, such as slicing body with a sharp weapon.
The songs Badeng: Lailahaileloh, O 'ti, Kasreng, Yautike, Lilimbungan, Solaloh.
Location: Village Sanding, District Malangbong, Garut

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