Goong Renteng

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Recognize Goong Renteng, one type of typical Sundanese gamelan music that has been known since the 16th century. Goong Renteng spread across most of West Java. According to Jaap Kunst (1934:386), can be found in Goong Renteng Cileunyi and Cikebo (Tanjungsari region, Sumedang), Lebakwangi (Pameungpeuk region, Bandung), and the Cirebon Keraton Kanoman. In addition, Goong Renteng also present in Cigugur (Brass), Talaga (Majalengka), Ciwaru (Sumedang), Tambi (Indramayu), Mayung, Suranenggala, and moor (Cirebon).
The term 'joint goong' is a fusion of the word 'goong' and 'joint'. The word 'goong' is an ancient term (Sundanese), which means the gamelan, while the word 'joint' relates to the placement pencon-pencon kolenang (bonang) are placed in rows / lined, or ngarenteng in Sundanese. So literally, is Renteng Goong goong (pencon) that is placed / arranged in rows (ngarenteng).
You will recognize that Goong Renteng have two kinds of tunings; anyone barreled barreled salendro and there are pelog. Equipment consists of kongkoang, cempres, paneteg, and goong. Kongkoang (berpencon musical instrument), cempres (musical instrument blades), and goong dikiasifikasikan as idiophone (music tool which o'clock), while paneteg (a kind of drum) is classified as membranophone (music instrument is a tap). In the ensemble, and cempres kongkoang serves as a melody, the rhythm of drums, and goong as cover songs.
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