Puppet smacking Cirebon

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One type of Cirebon named other unique art that you will encounter in this region. Also called smacking / Papak, this puppet made ​​of wood edges are not sharp (smacking = Sundanese / flat = Javanese). When viewed from the form and wandanya, smacking is the development of wayang shadow puppets, puppet show or wayang menak based in Cirebon area. Puppet smacking usually brings marvelous play-play, banners, stories chronicle, legend and myth.
Wayang smacking limited to ceremonies such as visitors great-grandfather (International Seminar), the show vow and Ruwatan (ngaruat), ie distancing themselves from the distress Sukerta (who diruwat). In her performance in the community, smacking Cirebon wayang has a standard structure. The arrangement of scenes in general, as follows: 1) Tatalu, puppeteer and sinden on stage, gising row / kawit, version murwa, Nayndra, mysticism / kakawen, and biantara; 2) Round unjal, paseban, and bebegalan; 3) Nagara sejen; 4) Patepah; 5) War failed; 6) Panakawan / goro-goro; 7) War of flower; 8) War of the racquet, and 9) Tutug.
Waditra accompanying Puppet smacking includes xylophone, gender, flute, saron I, II saron, bonang, drums, gongs, peking, jengglong, and tap.
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