Wayang Kulit Indramayu

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Enthusiasts will find the leather puppet shadow play Indramayu interesting and entertaining with his trademark, ie from the use of local languages ​​and penuturannya, either play or guyonannya. No wonder the creative mastermind behind the shed in the shadow of Indramayu makes this show still interested public. You will find that the cover story of the puppeteer as a condiment to add a distinctive charm.
One function is a puppet in the community Indramayu ngaruat, namely cleaning up of accidents (distress). Some people who diruwat (Sukerta), among others Wunggal (only child), bear Bugang (a sister whose brother died), Suramba (four sons), Surambi (four daughters), the Pandavas (five sons), Pandawi (five daughter), Talaga Date Kausak (a son dihapit daughter), and Ocean Hapit Sindang (a daughter dihapit two sons), and so on.
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