Shadow play

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Wayang Kulit Bekasi actually still have the same background with a kind of puppet-puppet on the island of Java. What distinguishes, in addition to sociological factors and the influence of culture environment, shadow puppets Bekasi have a more similar character puppet show, for example Semar, Cepot, Udel and Gareng, while Drona depicted with his face to the Arab-¬-araban with pilgrim hat.
Originally Wayang Kulit Bekasi taken by someone named Balentet once studied in the area of ​​Cirebon by bringing the Pandavas Lilima shadow puppets as a legacy teacher. Balentet then finalize pedalangannya science in Bekasi area by visiting three teachers puppetry, among Mbah Belentuk, and Mbah Mbah Rasiun Cepe. Around 1918, Balentet start mendalang to death in 1982. As a famous puppeteer in Bekasi, Belentet mendalangnya pass down the skills that the son-¬ son, including Sanjaya Naman Balentet and Namin. Skills mendalang Balentet son is quite famous in the area of ​​Bekasi, because the way the puppet plays and puppet show itself is a very egalitarian.
As a populist performance art, Wayang Kulit ordinary Bekasi be on view in the midst of society. Occasionally, Puppet show presented at the event Bekasi intent of the earth as an event that is considered sacred. But as a performance art, you also can order this art for the implementation of festivity, whether circumcision and marriage.
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