Sandiwara Indramayu

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Domo Suraji big names can not be separated from art Theatre Indramayu, because he is indeed the artist who created it for the first time. This farce is a genius idea that gave rise to new ideas, creative, and fresh, with a reshuffle in the form of submission in a typical Javanese Dermayon.
As one kind of folk art, Theatre Indramayu have the power to the community of supporters, in which the enthusiasm of people Indramayu with great enthusiasm shown towards the play in the area. This led to many new ideas and the artists to compete packing Indramayu Theatre shows. With various improvements and modifications, Indramayu Theatre performances can be perceived by society as a means of entertainment as well as education.
You will be able to enjoy the many versions of dangdut music Cerbon-Dermayon. As a means of education, too many Indramayu Theatre featuring the play-play Babad, Babad Cirebon well-Dermayon and Babad Tanah Java. Similarly, performance art has a function as a medium of theatrical lighting community that helped convey the messages of the government and the norms of customary norms ¬ local community.
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