Rudat Acrobat

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Always expressed admiration penonoton who witnessed one of the traditional arts community Indramayu, namely Rudat Acrobat. Art consists of acrobat / extreme attraction to the media ladder, one-wheeled bicycle and so on, as well as the accompaniment of musical instruments Genjring / Rebana and do not forget the sweet decorated with dance Rudat.
Initially Rudat only played in small groups consisting of five to ten people in mosques and mosque-surau. From this place, preaching Islamiyah developed because of the poems are sung entirely contains the teachings to worship Allah, Most Single and emulate the Prophet.
At around the 1960's, art Rudat experienced its glory. Even then modified with attractions acrobatics mixed with Debus. No wonder that this art also had renamed Rudat Acrobat.
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