Mask Dinaan Indramayu

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The attraction of performing arts is a combination of character of each dancer a different mask. Differences character is packed with slick leather puppet show as an opener. Dance mask character can be explained as follows:
a. Panji Mask Dance that symbolizes that the man must be of good character and character lungguh and quiet.
b. Pamindo Mask Dance that symbolizes the person being a teenager and character Ganjen (Lively).
c. Mask Dance Rumiang representing people who are growing up that character Ganjen.
d. Mask Dance Tumenggung representing people who are already mature, well established and have a firm conviction.
e. Mask Dance Kelana representing people who have mastered time and full of fierce disposition.
Show Mask Dinaan Indramayu implemented sedina or sedinten (all night), that is, before staging the ceremony Babarit Wayang Kulit, the habits of the farmers at Rice Nyidam (pregnant, began to contain) or cravings. They keep the jug (pot where the water) that has been filled with water and covered with leaves Hanjuang placed in front of the screen Wayang Kulit.
Waditra he uses consists of a complete set of Gamelan Prawa, namely the Great Bonang, Bonang Rincik, Saron Saron I and II, panerus Peking, Kedemung, Jenglong, Kebluk, Kecrek, flute, and a set of drums. The dancers consist of clothing or Sobrah Tekes, Clothes amputated decorated with sparkly mute, sontog pants, batik cloth, and tie mongkrong.
Location: throughout the District Indramayu
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