Dance Buyung

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For some people, including you, the name 'pitchers' may raise questions. Jug is a type of tool made of metal or clay that is used by most women in the ancient village to fetch water in rivers, lakes, springs, or in the pool.
Dance that is always displayed on top of the Seren Taun this event is the creation Emalia Djatikusumah, wife of Prince Djatikusumah, an indigenous elder. Motion smooth and natural feel in times of full moon dance inspired the birth of the copyrighted work that tells of a village girl who fell a shower with his friends to fetch water in the shower Ciereng with the pitcher.
The uniqueness and privileges of this dance is the ability of the dancers to dance on the pitcher, while upholding pitcher. You will be aware of every movement in philosophy at Buyung dance that has meaning is implied. Stepping pitcher in the head with a pitcher (nyuhun) closely related to the phrase "where the earth at the foot there upheld the sky". Bring the jug above his head are in need of balance. This means that in life there is need for a balance between feelings and thoughts.
Dance performance by the formation Buyung Jala Sutra, Nyakra Earth, Bale Bandung, Medang Kamulan, and Nugu Telu have meaning which implies that the Sundanese peasant society is a society that is religious. God believed to be the primary cause (causation) of all the origins of life and living resources. While humans are sentient inhabitants of the earth the most perfect of the creatures God created others.
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