Bogor Museum of Struggle

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A glimpse of the Museum
Struggle Bogor Museum was established through consultation warrior leaders residency which includes the City Bogor and Bogor District, Sukabumi, Cianjur and Depok. Initiated and inaugurated by Maj. Isaac Djuarsah PEKUMIL. Regional Res. INF. 8 Suryakancana Siliwangi Division III, on 10 November 1957. Establishment of museums dmaksudkan to pass on a fighting spirit and soul as well as value - the value of '45 to the present generation and future.
Building used as a museum, formerly belonged to a Dutch businessman named Gustaf Wilhelm Wissner. Built in 1879 which was originally used as an agricultural commodity export warehouse before being sent to countries in Europe. During movement of the building was used by Parindra in 1935 by building name BROTHERHOOD, and used as a place of youth activities under the banner of Indonesia namely Scout Scout weekend. In 1942 the Japanese army used as a warehouse for storing goods - goods owned by the Dutch internees, then used to welcome and defend the independence of Indonesia in 1945. Between the years 1945-1950 are used by KNI Residency Bogor, People's surge, Bogor Defense Council Residency, Residency Call Sigen RRI Struggle Bogor, GABSI Cab. Bogor and Bogor Regency Office's interim government. In the years 1052-1958 owned and occupied by Umar Bin Usman Albawahab. It was not until May 20, 1958 the building was donated from the last owner of Umar Bin Usman became the Museum of Struggle Albawahab Bogor.
Museum Collection
The museum collection consists of a variety of guns that are used when captured freedom fighters, there are also guns captured from the Japanese and British, currency and comes with a diorama depicting the battle in Bogor and its surrounding area. In addition, the museum also has a collection of clothing fighters, some of which have native blood stains.
Location: Jl. Jalan Merdeka No.56, Village Cibogor, Middle District of Bogor, Bogor City 16124
Coordinates: 6 ° 35 '35 "S, 106 ° 47' 16" E
Phone: (0251) 8326377, Fax (0251) 8326377
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