Defenders of the Homeland Museum

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A glimpse of the Museum
The building functioned as a museum was built in 1745 by Colonial soldiers with European-style buildings (UK). Construction of the monument and museum PETA (Defenders of the Homeland) on the initiative YAPETA (Defenders of the Homeland Foundation) which aims to give an award to former PETA army and the nation and its contribution to the founding of this country. Besides, to provide an overview of Indonesia's independence struggle and the preparation of the independence.
Preparation of establishment of the museum began on November 14, 1993 with the laying of first stone by the Vice President, who is also elder YAPETA, namely Mr. Umar Wirahadikusumah. This museum complex before blending with the engineers. This building was inaugurated as a museum dedicated to the soldiers MAP on December 18, 1995 by H. M. Suharto (President II) as well as a former army officer MAP I.
Location of the building is located approximately 700m from the Bogor Palace. in 1943 the building was used as an army training center homeland (although still under Japanese control). but in later days, the troops often hold PETA resistance to the Japanese. and PETA is the one who eventually became one of the embryo to form a united unit BKR (last TKR and then TNI).
Army Map is a national army which by the leaders of the movement of the country of nationality was prepared to join the army nationality Independent State of Indonesia. In the city of Bogor is first held that the formation of cadet-midshipmen officers later gave birth to the Voluntary Defenders of the Homeland Army, Army National Indonesia. On earth this warrior Pabaton Bogor has raised national heroism Indonesia soul-stirring every Army officer Voluntary Defenders of the Homeland for the future play a role in movement preparation Nations Proclamation of Independence of Indonesia until the establishment of People's Security Body (BKR), which became the forerunner of the Indonesian Army.
Bogor City is the first army training center named Java Boei Giyugun Kanbu Kyo Tai Iku (Army Officer Education Centre Voluntary Defenders of the Homeland in Java). So on October 19, 1995, through Parliament decree Nomor.3/kep/DPRD/1995 Bogor Municipality Level II has set as a Bogor City Fatherland Defenders (PETA).
This further confirmed the Bogor as the earth that gave birth to soldiering tough officers, who later played a major role in the movement towards independence of the nation's preparation for Indonesia which is the forerunner to the formation of the TNI.
Museum Collection
Like most museums of history, the presentation in the form of dioramas. Museum of Map has 14 dioramas that tell about the events of the formation of army maps and some contribution to the nationalist movement to achieve independence. On October 3, 1943 held dibekas chivalry army KNIL / Dutch, Pabaton Bogor, now Jl. Jend. Sudirman serve as a place to hold the Army officer education Voluntary Defenders of the Homeland.
The collections of the Museum Map, consisting of:
Relief / Monument, which tells of the initial formation of the army and the PETA PETA army fighting against the invaders.
Collection of statues, battle armor, cannon, and other weapons
Diorama, as many as 14 pieces, depicting the events / activities undertaken PETA army, namely:
Diorama 1: Understanding the Indonesian Nation leaders to promote the establishment of the army PETA (1943)
Diorama 2: Center for Educational Activities Training In Homeland Defense Officer Bogor (1943)
Diorama 3: Formation Battalion Battalion Region MAP in Java, Madura and Bali (1944)
Diorama 4: Rebellion in Blitar PETA (14 February 1945)
Diorama 5: Tipu ploy Butaicho Katagiri (Japan) Against Syodancho Muradi (15 February 1945)
Diorama 6: Event August 16, 1945 in Company Fatherland Defenders (PETA) Rengasdengklok
Diorama 7: Declaration of Independence Indonesia August 17, 1945 at Jln. East Pegangsaan 56, Jakarta
Diorama 8: People's Security Body (BKR) Ancestor of the TNI (August 22, 1945)
Diorama 9: Event Meeting 19 September 1945 at Giants Field Ikada, Jakarta
Diorama 10: Incident Invasion Osha Butai New Town by BKR Yogyakarta Forces (October 1945)
Diorama 11: BKR Malang Matra Aerospace pioneer in the establishment of the Indonesian Armed Strength (October 1945)
Diorama 12: Transfer of the Japanese Army Headquarters In East Java, Indonesia To Hand Nations (October 1945)
Diorama 13: Ambarawa And The Birth Day Army Infantry (Army) (December 15, 1945)
Diorama 14: Selection of Grand Commander of People's Security Army (12 November 1945)

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