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A glimpse of the Museum
Starting from the establishment of "Laboratory voor Grond en Agrogeologie Onderzoek" as part of the Lands Plantentuin (Bogor Botanical Gardens) by the Dutch government in 1905, which later became the Institute Bodemkundig In 1942, the Japanese colonial period, changed its name to Dozyoobu and time of the Republic Indonesia has just proclaimed, the name was again used Bodemkundig Instituut.
In 1950 the nomenclature of Inquiry into Land Institute, and in 1961 the Institute for Land. A year later (1962), the name was changed again to Institute for Soil and Fertilization. Later became the Land Research Institute in 1976, and became the Land Research Center in 1981.
In 1990 the mandate expanded research into the field agroklimatologi. Consequently, this institution's name changed to Center for Soil and Agro-climate Research (Puslittanak). After the Autonomous Region, ie in 2001 the name was changed again to the Central Research and Development of Land and Agro-climate (Puslitbangtanak). In 2002 Puslitbangtanak has three research centers. One is the Soil Research Institute (ISRI).
Soil Research Institute (ISRI) assigned to conduct research to generate technology and information resource and land management as well as providing services in the field analysis of soil, water, plants, and fertilizer, mapping, remote sensing data analysis (remote sensing), service tabular and spatial data bases ( using GIS), and various other services related to information technology and land management.
Since September 29, 1988, Soil Research Institute inaugurated the establishment of the Land Museum in collaboration with the International Soil Reference and Information Centre (ISRIC) Wageningen The Netherlands. Land Museum is a place to store model / soil samples as a collection of various kinds of land in Indonesia with the intention as a source of information in terms of land resources to support agricultural development.
Museum Collection
The museum collection consists of a variety of soils are presented in the form makromonolit small size, kinds of rocks, samples of fertilizers, soil test kit, maps, models, land surveying equipment. Soil museum collection is divided into 6 sections, namely:
survey equipment
tillage technology
other information

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