Situ Gede

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Recreation and release all your fatigue in Situ Gede. Located on the edge of the Forest Darmaga (Forest Research Agency's study of Forestry, Forestry Department), the lake has an area of about 6 ha this is a place of recreation for the citizens everyday Bogor. Here you can be boating, fishing, or walking in the forest canopy. Lakes and forests are also often used as a location for filming and soap operas.
Panorama CIFOR forest in the area there, with plantations of rubber nan supported green and tranquil atmosphere that is still beautiful, adds to the appeal for this forest. In the middle of the lake there is a mound resembling a small island which was inhabited by various species of waterbirds. Not far from the location Situ Gede, there are two children who are part of the lake Situ Gede, namely Situ Situ leutik and length. Residents of about a third believe it is as if observed carefully shaped Cleaver (weapon peculiar people of West Java).
For a while, Situ Gede has to be a place other than the location of choice for locals to relieve fatigue and just cheap entertainment for the family, the lake also serves as irrigated agriculture and plantations surrounding community.
Location: Village Situgede, Bogor District West
Coordinates: 6 ° 33 '3 "S, 106 ° 44' 30" E
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Facilities: Bicycle water, toilets, parking
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