Culinary in the city of Bogor

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Bogor is a city in West Java that has a variety of culinary tourism as well as souvenirs and gifts. Today tourists from outside the Bogor accidentally visited the city for a culinary tour. They are usually looking for specific foods such as pickles, Bogor and Bogor bread Sukasari Unyil in the region. Typical snacks other than the pickled Bogor Bogor taro, toge goreng, laksa, obese ancestor, Tutug oncom rice, chicken fat echo Raos, baked macaroni, apple pie, ice nutmeg, comro, grass jelly, and others. These foods are widely available throughout the region Gg. Aut / Jl. Suryakencana Bogor. In the afternoons and evenings there are various kinds of food along Jalan Pajajaran, which is a gathering place for young children. In addition there is a culinary center for agribusiness namely Bogor hawker centers and souvenirs Bogor Jl. Malabar (RM Bamboo Yellow Rear / side Pangrango Plaza Bogor).
Come and enjoy a variety of typical food and beverage Bogor now!
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