Ceramic Sentra Plered Purwakarta

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If to Bandung to Jakarta or vice versa through Cikampek, stop to Plered, Purwakarta, West Java Here are often found pottery that is unique and deserves to take home as souvenirs. The shape is diverse and relatively inexpensive.
Plered ceramic industrial district located in the southern district Purwakarta. Plered is a district that has an area of ​​36.79 square kilometers with a population of 54.337 inhabitants. Small industrial centers are located in the village of Anjun, Citeko, and Village Pamoyanan. Plered has long been recognized as a regional producer of ceramics. From this place, various shapes and sizes made ​​of ceramic. There is a small, medium to large with a variety of different designs.
Manufacture of ceramic Plered hereditary indeed already underway and is expected starting in 1904. Initially, the surrounding community to make pottery from clay pottery is red and includes home furnishings to meet. But, on the development of such a craft capable of being a separate source of income for local communities.
Along the way it looks lined ceramic displays that attract attention. Various forms of pottery, ranging from home furnishings to children's toys could be an interesting souvenir. When you visit directly, but can witness the manufacture of ceramics, you can also get cheaper rates. Some are sold from Rp 5,000, - to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Location: Village Anjun, Citeko and Pamoyanan, District Plered
Coordinates: 6 ° 37 '20 "S, 107 ° 24' 14" E
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